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We are the proud and lucky owner of many wonderful cats that have come to us from overseas and several top catteries in the USA.  Our lines include many Champions, Grand Champions, Regional, National and International Winners.

We are hughly grateful to our show friends who have shared so much of themselves with us.  We can't thank you enough for your trust, encouragement and generosity. Without their help and support, we would not be blessed with these beautiful loving creatures who we are devoted to and share our lives with.

We specialize in Exotic Short Hairs and an occasional Persian.  We are registered with CFA and TICA.  Our cats are PKD DNA negative and Feluk/FIV negative.

 We are a show hobbyist, not a business. Our babies are raised as part of our family and spoiled as they should be.  Our cats are bred for show by pedigree and type with open expressions, big open eyes, sweet, loving and social temperaments that meet the show standard.  Loving social temperaments are a priority in our cats and kittens, they are good with children, elderly and other pets.  Occasionally we may have pet, breeder or show quality cats or kittens available for adoption when we are not keeping them for ourselves to screened and approved homes that will cherish them as much as we do.  All are placed on a strict neuter/spay contract and health contract or show contract.

We do not have kitties available often and you may have to be on a wait list for awhile, our previous adoption homes have precedence over a new home.

All families are required to meet in person any cat or kitten they may be interested in prior to any kind of adoption, this is a Non-negotiable requirement and is required by the USDA guidelines and us, We do interview homes for each and every kitty who might be available and will hold the right to refuse any home we feel inappropriate for any or no reason at any time during this process.

We also will not be shipping any cat/kitten by airlines or courier UNLESS the owner has seen this kitty prior in person and evaluated it appropriate for their family. NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is new USDA guideline.  

Our bloodlines include:  Boberan, Calivan, Cat-A-Plotz, Couronne, Desmin, Doll Like, Faithful Felines, JoLeigh, Katzenfurr, Lionhouse, Lushell, Midas, Mt. Hood, MysticRose,  Perfikatz,  Phyxius, Sybarit, Vita Nova, Vonn bliss.


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a placement for our cats with any individual or any home, at any time if I feel it is inappropriate for any or no reason.


What is an Exotic Shorthair 
What is an Exotic Shorthair
verse a Persian?

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When people ask me about the temperments of persians or exotics, one of the easiest way to understand the elegant persian or it's shorthaired cousin is this....I like to consider them like a group of hippies, laid back, easy going, accept ant of about anything, open to new members of its social circle and family and certainly new friends.  There will be some differences and socialization will play into their individual personalities.  Exotics tend to keep their "kitten hood" about them and can be a little more active and clownish in nature. neither of these beautiful creatures want to be left out of your life or activities.  They tend to be "doggish" by following you where ever you are and being with you.....

So what's the exotic like? For busy people who like the look of the Persian but don't have time for the demands of daily grooming, the Exotic is a perfect choice.  Just like a Persian; they are social, loving, laid back in nature and will find a place in your heart nothing can match.  They are bred to meet the Persian standard (Persians are used in breeding exotics, we use our Persians specifically to go with our exotic lines) in every way with one special exception; their coat is thick, dense, plush, and short. The Exotic coat is unique to the breed and gives them a soft, rounded teddy bear look. They require much less combing than a  Persian.  Because of the easy maintenance of this special breed, Exotics are referred to as the lazy man's Persian.  

Exotics are very much Persian like in their personality and temperament.  Both male and female kittens are equally affectionate.  I find the males are more clingy like mama's boys, very loving, very much a lap warmer, the girls will go everywhere you do, not to miss a step you take and be by you constantly.  I have girls that are determined to be on you but overall they tend to want to be by you, in "their spot" boys are happiest on you....both seek your attention and company equally....All kittens should be neutered or spayed at an early age to avoid any problems relating to spraying and other adult urges. boys also will be bigger, girls should look like girls and boys like boys, usually there's a few pounds difference in weight...a big thick boy will weigh in from 10-12 pounds, they will feel a lot heavier due to their dense thick body build.

They have a quiet, sweet, endearing nature and are loyal companions.  They are easy going and extremely affectionate.  Their level of activity is the same as the Persians, but they are more clownish and sassy in nature.  I find our Persians to be more laid back and the "Zots" to enter the room sideways in a Broadway stage entrance.  We tend to think they are a little more active and demanding for attention. The easy going nature of the Exotic allows it to fit into your home at any age. 

They are a wonderful addition to any cat loving family.  They are good with children, other animals or cats.  If you are seeking a loving companion to share your bed with, your chair, some of your dinner and of course the computer keyboard, and you do not want to do the grooming a long hair Persian needs, this maybe the breed for you.  Many folks find one isn't enough, so be warned, you maybe looking for one kitten and end up with two.......maybe more..

Longhair Exotic: 

    When breeding for a Shorthair Exotic, you may get either or both shorthair kittens or longhair kittens in a litter depending on the parents genetic makeup for carrying the shorthair gene.  The  Longhair Exotic is the same in type as a longhair Persian due to the extensive use of Persians in its gene pool.  Exotics with longhair are registered as Exotics. Their coat is the same to that of a Persian and will require the same routine of combing and grooming as the Persian.

For those who have lost a furry friend....

There is a special place your loving pet awaits for you's called the Rainbow Bridge.  If you don't know about this loving place....please take a moment to press this link and see where your loving pet awaits you.  Price of admission a big heart and a kleenex.


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